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    The ExtJS library (Ext for short) is an excellent javascript utility for web-based rich client development.It's composed of a stable framework and a set of nice and customizable essential UI components called 'widget',and enables developers to create widgets in an easy way through JavaScript Object Notations(JSON).Today Ext is involved by many projects for web use.

    Anyway,integrating Ext with an existing application is not easy.The designer must decide make modifications on what layer or component.But there are still some diferences between traditional application and ajax-based application,such decision is not easy to make.

    The ExtXL project aims to solve the above problem.It offers an IoC(Inverse of Control) engine and a set of mappers so developers can create Ext widgets in XHTML format.
    The following piece of code is an example to create a simple panel with toolbar:
<span ext:title="MyPanel" ext:xtype="panel" ext:collapsible="true">
	<xml xmlns="http://extxl.sourceforge.net">
				Some HTML snippets here
			<splitbutton text="Menu"></splitbutton>
			<button text="Button"></button>
    And it will result as below:

    Considering the copyright issue,ExtXL is base on another Ext branch project OpenExt which is under LGPL license.

Recent News

ExtXL 1.0alpha2 is available on 2009-10-26 !

Product Features

  • A large set of widgets
        container, tabpanel, pane, viewport, tooltip, window, textfield, hidden, checkbox, htmleditor, radio, textarea, datefield, combo, timefield, numberfield, label, button, splitbutton, toolbar, menu, item, cycle, colorpalette, checkitem, separator, datemenu, colormenu, store, simplestore, jsonstore, groupingstore, grid, columnmodel, column, httpproxy, jsonreader, xmlreader, formpanel, events, treepanel, treenode, asynctreenode, treeloader, defaultselectionmodel, fieldset.

  • Events
        Event handlers can be defined in XHTML elements.

  • Beans
        The <bean> element enables developers to define any javascript objects.Especially useful for defining data records.
  • Standard HTML compatibility
        ExtXL widgets can contain HTML fragments,and they also can be placed in HTML nodes.
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